whey vs soy

Whey or Soy protein? Which should you take

Whey or Soy Protein-Which One to Choose?

Supplements can be tricky sometimes. They can even be down right confusing.

whey vs soyThese days, more people are looking into improving the healthiness of their skin, body, hair, and nails by obtaining protein. It used to be mainly athletes who were concerned with whey proteins, but now more people are realizing all the benefits of proteins. More people are realizing that protein is needed in rebuilding tissue and cells.

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Protein keeps fluids balanced, protects enzyme functions, and supports muscle and nerve contractions. People are realizing more the importance of protein, and furthermore, more people are now even more concerned with whey and soy proteins.

There are many advantages in taking both whey and soy proteins, but there are also some side effects as well. As a matter of fact, soy proteins can cause a lot more important health concerns, than whey. Whey proteins, just like most supplements, cause mild to moderate side effects, such as bloating, gas, cramps, fatigue, tiredness, irritability, and headaches. So, with those minor side effects, different types of antacids and pain relievers can be taken for relief, but it’s always good to check with a physician first on what pain relievers and other medicine to take while digesting whey proteins.

Now with soy protein, it was said that they would lower cholesterol, fight cancers, and prevent high problems; however, a lot of recent studies have shown otherwise. These recent reports state that soy protein can cause phytoestrogen which can cause certain cancers. The cancers, that are derived from soy proteins, occur when excessive heat causes the estrogen ingredient in plastics to mix in with the food, and as a result, men and women can get cancer because of this toxic mixture. Soy proteins were originally in paper coatings that were used for pigment binding.

In discovering these findings, whey protein is the better alternative than soy proteins, because soy proteins have more serious side effects. With the effects of getting excessive estrogen or phytoestrogen, anyone would be at risk of getting certain cancers. Studies have shown so far that this only occur during excessive heat, but there is still much to be concern since recent reports have reported that soy proteins doesn’t even help aid in fighting cancers, in lowering cholesterol, or in preventing serious heart problems. So, with all of this startling information about soy protein not being beneficial some serious health issues, and with the risks associated with cancer from excessive heat, more studies need to be thoroughly performed to see what all soy protein entail.

Whey proteins definitely supersedes soy protein. There are three types of whey proteins, and they are called concentrates, isolates, and hydro-isolates. The first two are great for you; however, whey proteins is not for the lactose intolerant, and hydro-isolates are a lot more processed and they are denatured. With concentrates, they contain low levels of cholesterol and fat, and they contain bioactive compounds at higher levels of bioactive compounds. And with isolates, fat is removed, and they are lower in bioactive compounds. For more information on proteins, whey proteins, and soy proteins, http://draxe.com/which-protein-is-better-whey-or-soy/ is a good source to review.