ow to gain healthy weight and muscle

How to gain healthy weight and muscle

Learn to gain weight and muscle in a healthy way!

ow to gain healthy weight and muscle

If you are a person that needs to gain weight and muscle, you have to gain it in a healthy way! Remember gaining body weight looks like a simple task for most everyone. Gaining body weight in an unhealthy way is pretty simple and most people have it down to a science. Gaining weight in a healthy manner and turning into muscle, this can be a challenge for a lot of people. Gaining muscle and healthy body weight does not just happen, it takes special types of food and exercise to ensure a healthy weight gain as well as a healthy muscle transition!

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Have you ever heard the saying, you are what you eat? This can be very true! When you are eating to gain body weight in a healthy manner, your food intake should reflect that. According to WebMD calorie rich and nutrient rich foods are your new best friends! These types of food are the ones that you should consume at every meal, they are the nuts, yogurts and the fruits. These types of foods include tons of vitamins, minerals and much needed nutrients so that your body feels full and also has the energy to burn any excess calories for the day!

As we continue the you are what you eat section. Think of how often you eat, 3 times per day, 4 times per day? The key to weight gain in a healthy way is to keep your body fed. In order to keep your body full and focused you need to keep feeding it all day, 6 times per day is the magic number! When we say eat 6 times per day this does mean 6 meals per day. A normal meal option would be a sandwich of some sort, ensure there is enough protein in the meat choice, your choice of a piece of fruit and your choice of any vegetable. This is a good example of a normal meal 6 times per day. By eating these options you can expect to gain about 1 pound per week according to WebMD.

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Pay close attention to where you are gaining this 1 pound per week weight gain, is it where are you wanting the weight to be placed? Strength training is key to ensure your muscle mass grows in the way and the areas you are looking for it to grow. Now that you are eating to gain the weight, it is very important to ensure you are strength training to turn the weight gain into muscle mass.

Once everything is going in the order it is supposed to, weight gain then muscle mass building. You should then start ensuring your muscles are getting the protein they need to ensure the muscles have the post work out fuel needed to continue working and continue strengthening after your workout! According to WebMD you should have a protein shake, low fat chocolate milk or maybe a high protein energy bar to feed your muscles after every workout!