The benefits of protein powder in your diet

The benefits of protein powder in your diet

Protein Powder Offers Great Benefits for a Healthy Diet

The benefits of protein powder in your dietAs information regarding healthy lifestyles and nutrition grows, more people are adding protein powder to their daily diets. Adding protein powder to a person’s diet can help enhance sports performance and promote weight loss. A common, convenient way to add protein powder to the diet is mixing it in a shake. Many personal trainers and nutritionists believe that adding protein powder to a person’s diet can help ensure that he or she receives enough protein nutrition.

When it comes to the body protein acts as one of the essential building blocks for bone, muscle, skin and other important tissue growth and maintenance. Protein powder is commonly consumed by active athletes and is available in a variety of combinations of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

It can be found with very little fat and protein added and almost all carbohydrates to 100% protein powder. Additionally, there are protein shakes available that come in many different flavors and in already made drink packages in foil packs and cans.

According to Jose Antonio the co-founder and chief executive officer of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, it is difficult for the majority of people to have a meal immediately after a workout, so protein drinks and shakes are a great option. They help provide much needed nourishment after a workout and conveniently keep people fit and healthy. The International Society of Sports Nutrition stands behind the idea that protein shakes are a healthy, safe way to consume enough protein when added to a nutritious, balanced diet.

While research has not solidly proven the benefits of protein shakes with regard to muscle strength and sports performance, they can offer other benefits. For example, endurance athletes find training easier when they consume protein shakes. This happens because protein helps restore the body after any intense exercise session. After a workout, protein shakes restore muscle glycogen which is a source of fuel that is important during exercise and an element that is burned up while working out. Additionally, adding protein powder to the diet can help repair any muscle damage that may have occurred during bodybuilding exercise.

There has been evidence that people who work out regularly but do not want to be serious athletes can also benefit from adding protein powder to their diets. A person in this category may work out two to three times a week. Other benefits have surfaced through research as well. After intense workouts performed by 130 U.S. Marines who added protein powder to their diets they experienced less muscle soreness, fewer infections and a decrease in heat exhaustion. Some experts also believe that protein shakes are helpful when it comes to weight management.

To be effective, how much protein powder should a person add to their diet? When it comes to a balanced diet, most people are able to get enough protein from their diet. Healthy adults should have 0.75 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight which is equal to approximately 45 to 56 grams of protein every day.